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July 21 2017

pleeease signal boost this - i am so scared



i know that i haven’t made a personal post in a while, but i’m desperate and out of options. i am very scared.

there’s a person in my home that, two days ago, kept threatening me with violence. i’m 5′2 and he’s … much bigger and taller. he almost threw glass at me, at one point he pulled out a weapon on me because i took my mom’s room (that she offered) and he threatened to pay someone to beat me up

i can’t do this anymore. before i had the option of a gofundme or a youcaring or sharing my cash.me link i had a whole suicide note drawn up, but something in me told me to do this so i’m going for it and i really hope it works out because otherwise, i have no other options and i CANNOT do it for much longer.

 i’ve been locked in my room for days. i only leave to drink water or go to the bathroom. i don’t even eat because he occupies the living room and i’d have to pass him to get to the kitchen, which is what pissed him off enough to send him on a rant threatening to end my life. nobody in my family likes the cops (for obvious reasons) and i need my laptop as that’s really one of the few material posessions i have and need for school.

my last meal was yesterday because my sister bought me food, but idk when i can be able to eat again and i’m scared because i  haven’t been downstairs eating regularly since may and i’ve lost probably 20+ pounds

i need $900. I have $95. So, a little over 10% of the way there, but still not enough. i’d hope to get it by the end of this month, but as soon as possible. $900 would go towards the deposit and rent of an apartment i’d share with 2 friends, plus any other utility or moving costs. my scholarship and my job that starts August 6th will pay off the rest in august but i have to leave asap because i can’t do this much longer. 

i hate tying my identity to this blog.

my cash.me link is cash.me/$yss1rhc 

i have a youcaring link (takes paypal) and a gofundme link (takes 5% of all donations) that, if you ask for, i can pm to you to donate (because it does contain personal information, please only ask for it if you know you’re going to donate and you can’t pay with a card (i understand.) 

otherwise, i’m content with the cash.me

if you can’t donate, please, i’m begging you to reblog because i don’t know what to do anymore. usually i draw and offer commissions but my mental health is completely shot and i can’t… do anything.

if you donate, i do believe in positive energy and i’ll find a way to pay it back + pay it forward because it warms me how much people have helped me so far.

i wouldn’t do this if i didn’t think it was absolutely necessary. my heart is breaking at the fact that i would ever have to do this. 

i would rather sleep on a floor with boxes in an empty room than sleep in the same house as a person who’d rather risk throwing his life and son away because he hates me that much.  thank you so much.

thank you so much for helping me you guys, i’m honestly starting to cry because i didn’t think i’d get so much help so soon. I’ve already gotten $45 within an hour. Oh my gooood thank you sooo much.

i also tried to tag it appropriately so hopefully i didn’t miss anything. thank you again. 


Juice: The best part of an Oreo is the cookie part and not the frosting part, deal with it.

Ten: Darkness without light is an abyss. Light without dark is blinding. One can not exist without the other.

Juice: Yo Socrates, it’s a fucking cookie!

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I shouldn’t find this as funny as I do





i just remembered this video and it’s not what you’re expecting


that was nothing i expected

I think about this video a lot

bless, wifi is back



I had a rude-ass dream last night. Some disembodied voice said “Hey, wanna hear a funny joke?” I’m a fan of jokes and do what voices tell me in my dreams, so I say “Yeah, sure.” Then my 8 AM alarm goes off.


Holy shit

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some late night draws







A group of rough looking boys walked past me today and all I heard of their conversation was “he’s got that anxiety disorder bro so I went with him so he’d be more comfortable” and it made me realise the world isn’t all that bad

#this is team skull

The pet store I worked at had a pen with rabbits near the front door. On every side of the pen were huge signs saying “You can pet me, but don’t pick me up!”
One day two absolutely huge guys came in and one immediately reaches into the pen to grab a rabbit. Before i could say anything his friend grabbed his arm and asked him “did you see the sign?”
He said “yeah! it says that you can pick them up but don’t pet them!”
Then he went quiet for a moment and softly said “I didn’t read it right did I?”
And his friend just puts his arm on his shoulder and said “its ok, i know you’ve got that thing where words get mixed up. Let just pet these cute lil shits”
And I still haven’t gotten over that interaction.

I was walking my dog through Boston bc he likes the likes car rides. He’s a little thing tbh we call him short and long.
So this huge scary man with a full beard approaches me like “hey can my buddy and I pet your dog? He gets nervous around dogs but your’s is so small I think it’s a good place to start.”
Ofc I was like “yes he’s very friendly!” So this guy brings his equally big friend over and they sit on the floor while this man looks terrified of my tiny dog so big man number one asks “can I pick him up?” And i say yes so he picks him up and puts him on man number two’s lap and man number two is abt to freak out and his friend straight up just goes “hey man, it’s okay just relax I’d never let anything hurt you. He’s a good boy.” I’ll never forget it ever bc I know that man looked at me (5'3 , glasses, probably wearing a sweater vest) and my dog (kinda goofy looking little thing) and was like ‘ah yes the two least intimidating living things I’ve seen in Boston all day he’ll feel relaxed around them’ and went out of his way to help his friend. It makes me so happy

A good post, pure.

Another adorable story has been added.

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The Anaconda Standard, Montana, December 4, 1900

The Anaconda Standard, Montana, December 11, 1900

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FAFSA is so fucking greedy and inconsiderate of students who just want to get an affordable education

lmao @ people dragging FAFSA for their bullshit qualifications: 

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Decades of hard work by civil rights activists is about to be washed away if the tr*mp administration goes through with this……………

To go more into detail, this plan will: 

- disband the Labor Department division that has policed discrimination among federal contractors for four decades

-cut budgets for programs that help tackle racial discrimination

-reduce the government’s role in fighting against discrimination (like they did that anyways) 

-budget cuts within the  Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights (which also helps colleges take sexual assault more seriously) 

-force the civil rights office to cut back on the amount of investigations it conducts

…….but this is obviously what happens when the klan runs our country!! 

Wow they rly want to actively harm us whats new

remember ya’ll please don’t sleep on the 2018 midterms bc voting the GOP out will prevent more of these racist pigs running from our government…

Va and other states have off year elections this year (and some in 2019), don’t sleep on those either

Seriously. In 2018, 2020, and any other race you can think of, vote Democrat. The GOP, as a political force, needs to die; it exists purely to oppose all progress, to regress America into neo-feudalism.

D’you know why the Democrats are so disorganized? It’s because they’re composed of basically the Not-Republicans; ie, the basically sane politicians of many stripes.

Our two parties aren’t liberal vs. conservative, or centrist vs. conservative, or whatever; they’re ‘Most of the sane political spectrum’ vs ‘Fascist extremists’. Get rid of the GOP, and the Democrats can easily split into two, more sane parties.

In primaries, support the more liberal candidates if possible; that will let more and more Democrats know that we’re a real political force, and not just an unreliable fringe. But as much as I’d like if it were otherwise, voting for the Democrats en masse is the only way.to defeat the existential threat to the United States that is the modern GOP. 

If elections continue to be close, the GOP can continue to manipulate them in their favor, via voter suppression, voter purges, gerrymandering, or outright tampering with the votes. We outnumber them; we need to remember to vote whenever we have the opportunity..and vote Democrat.

Please read this.

Dont vote libertarian.

That is a wasted vote.

We CAN defeat the GoP once and for all.

Fuck, America had a lot of parties that came and went and died out. Just lookit the Whig Party.

Do not vote libertarian. Dont even vote for a less batshit moderate Republican, because their being voted in gives the assholes more power and their centrist voice is always ignored.

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Доставка хлеба

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(Give me space)
So this is my new child Poet. He is apart of a gang that does its best to protect others from abuse, be it physical or mental. A lot of the time he performs little space shows by kids windows and stuff, to make their day better while their team goes in and taps the families house for evidence. Good kid, just wishes he could do more.


when the season’s grain yield is good and your family can afford a loaf of bread this week


The Internet has a Cat! Meet Purrli, the online cat purr generator.



This might be the apex of the internet. No, really. You can set it to low and slow and sleepy and it hits something in the hindbrain that kind of melts away anxiety.

This is so great for folks who are allergic, but might still benefit from purrs (which do lower anxiety, lower blood pressure, like.. There are actual health benefits to good purrs)

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my favorite part of conventions

art imitates life

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I will be seeing them both… thank you very much. (Though I’m still down for a Lucy Lui James Bond)

Gotta support these! 

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