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Who thought heterosexuality was a good idea? They were very wrong.

Naw, Heterosexuality is fine. Its seeing something beautiful in another person that lights a fire inside you. they just happen to be a different gender.

Now HeteroNORMATIVITY is awful and needs to be thrown in a hole out in the middle of nowhere and lit on fire then buried with the only map of how to find it.

like a great many things. The thing is fine on its own… now its fan club… is a whole other matter.

True, true, but like tbh im kinda sick of the hets. It probs mostly the heteronormativity but still. I just wanna be super gay without people calling me out n shit.

Thats fair.

I wont go into a tirade about how “we aren’t all like that” because, frankly NONE OF US SHOULD BE LIKE THAT.

Be your glorious self. Love is beautiful and so are you! If you have found something worth loving in another human being thats beautiful!

The rest is silly.

How r u so good and positive?! Please teach me your ways.

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