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I honestly hoped I would never of had to make this post but here we go.

Hi, I’m Peyton, I’m 18 and a high school dropout currently without a job and me and my mom are currently stuck in an abusive situation and I’m honestly terrified and ready to just give up.

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible while still giving a good explanation as to what is going down.

I’ve been living with my mom and her abusive boyfriend for the past almost three years, I moved here june 15th of i believe it was 2016.

My mom first met him when I was 13 so in 2014 and they ended up dating, long story short due to not having much money we ended up being evicted from our house and had to move in with him. My mom realized how bad it was so in order to protect me and my sister she took an overdose and was in a coma for 4 days.  She lost custody for a while and we had to go live with my grandparents

Well my mom was put in the hospital and afterwards put into a mental institution but his mom ended up lying and saying she was my moms mother and signed her out. I wasn’t able to contact my mom since we moved in with our grandparents and had no idea for a while that she had ended up going back to him after all this the things he had done. 

Well in June of 2015 (or 2016?) I ended up having to move back in with my mom and her abusive ‘boyfriend’ due to my grandma breaking her leg over the summer and not being able to take care of me anymore so I moved the next state over to live with them.

Since moving here so many things have happened and all of them are due to him. When I was I believe 16 or 17 I came home from school while he was drunk and he molested me but there was nothing me or my mom could do.

Since then he’s done the following

  • Tried to get my mom to make me sleep with him
  • Watched me in my room (it has no door and a blanket nailed to the doorframe acts as my door) while I was on the computer and try to make me watching porn with him, tried to pay me to let him watch porn with me and accuse me of watching porn (which I don’t and have never watched) and force my mom to go through my computers history.
  • Watch me sleep, come into my room while I was sleeping and have me wake up to fine him crouch/standing next to my bed watching me
  • Go to the bathroom next to my room and jack off
  • Jack off in front of me and my mom while we were in the livingroom and when confronted say ‘I thought yall were okay with that” or “I thought yall were into it” then start doing it again
  • In April of 2018 one day I was trying to take a nap in my room while my mom too ka nap in theirs. I started hearing heavy breathing and already knew what was happening but i turned around and found him standing there with my door wide open jerking off.
  • One day after confronted about doing all the things he did on top of getting on my computer and looking through it he pulled a knife on me and made a bunch of threats
  • He constantly mentally and emotionally abuses me and my mom and before I moved here would physically abuse my mom
  • He’ll constantly threaten to beat me up, kill me, have his sisters/friends/family kill me
  • Has threaten to burn down our house with us in it if we tried to leave or burn down his moms car that we’re currently using if we try to leave in it if we try to leave and so on. His mom is supposedly going to put the car in our name soon but we’ll still have to deal with the threats and even with a car of our own we’d still have no place to go and no money.
  • Gets drunk and keeps up up all night and letting us only get a few hours of sleep. 
  • Has pissed on my bed and other stuff multiple times
  • One day in May kept going outside at night to ‘look for cats’ and was jacking off at my bedroom window (after the like 12th time of him going out there my mom waited a sec then went to go see what he was doing and saw him being fucking gross) then told my mom to stop bothering him or something like that and that he’d “Make it up to her later”
  • Blames my mom and I for everything saying they had it good before I came here, saying that my mom and I started this and saying things like “I want us to be happy but you won’t let us” to her, trying to make her the one who’s to blame for all of this and so on.
  • He gets drunk every day and spends all his money he makes at work on beer and drugs. He drinks two or more six packs of beer a day and sometimes makes my mom buy him more.
  • My mom is currently doing online work that makes her only a few dollars (anywhere from $25 to $50 and sometimes $100 plus on a good day) a day but all of that goes towards paying bills, buying food, buying necessary items such as hygiene items that we need and so on ending with us having very little money at all. She can’t work in a public work are due to mental health and not wanting to leave me home alone incase he gets off early, stays home or if she ends up having different work hours with them making it where he’d be home and she wouldn’t be. When he gets home she isn’t able to work because he’ll constantly accuse her of talking to some other man and cheating on him or calling the cops, he’ll do anything to make it where she can’t work and throws change at her telling her to “take the day off” 

As said earlier I’m currently unemployed and had to dropout of high school in 10th grade due to mental health and not being able to sleep due to him getting drunk and keeping us up all night almost everyday of the week.

No one in our family can or will help us and most of them don’t seem to get just how bad things really are for us and just think we can walk out the door at any moment with no car, no money, no place to go etc etc and just act like we’re staying here in this situation because we want to. We can’t afford to buy a car or a place to stay and the cops down here won’t do shit, we’ve had them down here many times but they wave us off and we never have any proof of what he’s done so nothing ever gets done.

We’re also hundreds or thousands of dollars behind on rent due to him never helping us pay that and instead spending most/all of his money on beer, pills and drugs. I don’t even know how we haven’t been kicked out yet and I don’t know what we’d do if that happened.

At this point I am begging yall to please please help us by donating money to us, I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get out of here, if we’re ever going to get out of this and I’m so scared and just ready to give up at this point, so is my mom. We’re trying so hard to save what little money we can but it’s getting harder and harder to do that and I’m so scared that he’s close to making his threat a reality and hurting me and/or my mom physically or even killing us. We don’t have anywhere to go and no one in our lives will even help us and I don’t know what to do anymore so please help us. A few dollars, anything will help us, it’ll add up and help us pay bills, get groceries and the things we need and save up to be able to get a car, find a place to live and get out of here.

And if you can’t donate please reblog this so that other people can see this post and maybe help, just please help us get out of here and away from him.

You can donate here:  paypal.me/LisaWilliams205 (it’s my moms paypal account)

I hate to log in just to signal boost, and I’m very sorry to my followers here and on all of my other ask blogs for the silence. But this is a very important post. I’ve explained that I just struggle to stay focused on things like this blog, and I appreciate all of the understanding and support from you guys. The situation this person is in is a very severe one, and I do honestly think that this needs to be spread around as much as it possibly can be. If by chance some of you can find it in you to reblog, and spread the word, or perhaps donate if you have it to spare I would appreciate it endlessly. I’ve been in a position like this before, and it really really fucking sucks to see other people going through it. I know how hard it is to get away from this. I’m really hopeful that this person will get the help that they deserve. I appreciate you guys for sticking around through my silence, and for every little thing you to. 

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