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Higher math being a requirement to graduate high school is fucking insane and has pretty much no parallel in any other subject. Science, history, english, ect. all focus on giving you general knowledge on a wide variety of topics, but no, you’d better be able to do this advanced calculus formula that’s useful in only one (1) specific situation if you want that diploma. It would be like if 1/5th of your graduation exam depended on you being able to recite detailed facts about the biology of New World frogs entirely from memory. 

This is the reason I have no college education, literally the only reason. I tried, and tried, and tried and tried to get math down and I couldn’t cut it. I put myself in a bunch of debt and wasted a bunch of my life fighting to pass the math requirements for even a basic Associates degree, and it’s highly likely I have dyscalc, but to this day I haven’t been able to figure out an avenue to get that formally diagnosed. Doctors and therapists I’ve actually talked to about it just have no idea how to help it seems.

I have no research to back me up because I haven’t looked it up but…

I couldn’t reliably do math until I hit 24.  That was the VERY FIRST TIME I actually did well in a math class.  Basic college algebra.  I would not be surprised if the brain just… wasn’t developed to do math until later in life.  

The US school systems LOVE to force things on us looong before our brains are ready.  A number of kids in kindergarten are simply NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH to learn to read, but it’s forced on them, for example, so they grow up HATING tor ead. 

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