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May 21 2018

stopped ghost adventures at the best spot




They need to make 😔 this emoji with 🤠this hat

when they say yeehaw but don’t ask haw yee



【 Such a tragedy we have avoided.. 】: Let me just pause ooc for a moment.




I’m sorry but it’s really annoying to see this keep happening on my dash. For those who don’t know,Pixiv is considering shutting down access to western users.


Because of edits and reposts onto social media sights, such as Tumblr, Facebook, even Twitter. The problem has been here for the past months and I really just get sad seeing everyone reblog edits and reposts of art that’sUNSOURCED.

I’m sorry if I seem bitchy, but this is a critical issue, because not only would this cut off fandom posters, it cuts off any person in the US from accessing Pixiv.

Pixiv artists are already deleting their works and accounts, more and more artists are deleting everything because of this. I have alreadymade a post about this on my main,  and so havetwo ofmy friends. You may say we’re throwing a big deal about this, but the thing is- we’re just trying to make sure that us fans and future fans have the art resources.

Things to know:

Oh, and biggest thing for the Vocaloid fandom mainly, along with other fandoms:

this is a list of pixiv artists who do not want their art reposted or edited at all.

If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO REPOST THEIR WORK, ASK THEM FIRST! It won’t hurt you to be polite, and even if they don’t understand english they probably will understand what you’re saying.

I find this very relevant to this blog so I hope you’ll allow me to give another PSA.

(Thank you endless-chocolate for sending me this link)

I see this happen on my dash sometimes and I’m not gonna lie, I did consider unfollowing the people that reblog unsourced fanarts. Especially more so on those so-called one piece confessions/dirty op confessions whatever. It’s getting ridiculous. 

However, it’s my belief that every one of you are wonderful people who respects others, especially those who have worked hard in drawing and writing all the wonderful doujins and fanarts. So I hope I can raise some more awareness to this.

As usual I’m going to illustrate it in an easy way. (read right to left)



What supposed to happen:


What you’re doing when you don’t source:


What you’re making the artist do:


Every artist grow by displaying their work and getting critique. But when their work is spread around without any credit to the artist, AND EVEN MAKES THE OWN ARTIST DELETE IT FROM HIS/HER SITE it lost the purpose and meaning.

What you should do from now on (if you haven’t been doing so):

Here’s a guide on how to use saucenao. If it’s from pixiv, saucenao will most likely find it. If it doesn’t, use google image search.



If an artist spend their time to draw that fanart, I think we can spend a bit of time finding out the proper source/credit.

This has been another PSA from Dark Honey.

cant stress enough about this topic, please source everyone

I am proud to be raising awareness of this serious issue!

Please spread this around so less and less of a problem will continue!

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drew some doom patrol stuff. a friend has been getting me into  and while i havent read it yet its very cool looking. i love the character desgins so i had to draw some of them

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All of these are very important.

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Because of the Fifth Amendment, no one in the U.S. may legally be forced to testify against himself, and because of the Fourth Amendment, no one’s records or belongings may legally be searched or seized without just cause. However, American police are trained to use methods of deception, intimidation and manipulation to circumvent these restrictions. In other words, cops routinely break the law—in letter and in spirit—in the name of enforcing the law. Several examples of this are widely known, if not widely understood.

1) “Do you know why I stopped you?”
Cops ask this, not because they want to have a friendly chat, but because they want you to incriminate yourself. They are hoping you will “voluntarily” confess to having broken the law, whether it was something they had already noticed or not. You may think you are apologizing, or explaining, or even making excuses, but from the cop’s perspective, you are confessing. He is not there to serve you; he is there fishing for an excuse to fine or arrest you. In asking you the familiar question, he is essentially asking you what crime you just committed. And he will do this without giving you any “Miranda” warning, in an effort to trick you into testifying against yourself.

2) “Do you have something to hide?”
Police often talk as if you need a good reason for not answering whatever questions they ask, or for not consenting to a warrantless search of your person, your car, or even your home. The ridiculous implication is that if you haven’t committed a crime, you should be happy to be subjected to random interrogations and searches. This turns the concept of due process on its head, as the cop tries to put the burden on you to prove your innocence, while implying that your failure to “cooperate” with random harassment must be evidence of guilt.

3) “Cooperating will make things easier on you.”
The logical converse of this statement implies that refusing to answer questions and refusing to consent to a search will make things more difficult for you. In other words, you will be punished if you exercise your rights. Of course, if they coerce you into giving them a reason to fine or arrest you, they will claim that you “voluntarily” answered questions and “consented” to a search, and will pretend there was no veiled threat of what they might do to you if you did not willingly “cooperate.”
(Such tactics are also used by prosecutors and judges via the procedure of “plea-bargaining,” whereby someone accused of a crime is essentially told that if he confesses guilt—thus relieving the government of having to present evidence or prove anything—then his suffering will be reduced. In fact, “plea bargaining” is illegal in many countries precisely because it basically constitutes coerced confessions.)

4) “We’ll just get a warrant.”
Cops may try to persuade you to “consent” to a search by claiming that they could easily just go get a warrant if you don’t consent. This is just another ploy to intimidate people into surrendering their rights, with the implication again being that whoever inconveniences the police by requiring them to go through the process of getting a warrant will receive worse treatment than one who “cooperates.” But by definition, one who is threatened or intimidated into “consenting” has not truly consented to anything.

5.) We have someone who will testify against you
Police “informants” are often individuals whose own legal troubles have put them in a position where they can be used by the police to circumvent and undermine the constitutional rights of others. For example, once the police have something to hold over one individual, they can then bully that individual into giving false, anonymous testimony which can be used to obtain search warrants to use against others. Even if the informant gets caught lying, the police can say they didn’t know, making this tactic cowardly and illegal, but also very effective at getting around constitutional restrictions.

6) “We can hold you for 72 hours without charging you.”
Based only on claimed suspicion, even without enough evidence or other probable cause to charge you with a crime, the police can kidnap you—or threaten to kidnap you—and use that to persuade you to confess to some relatively minor offense. Using this tactic, which borders on being torture, police can obtain confessions they know to be false, from people whose only concern, then and there, is to be released.

7) “I’m going to search you for my own safety.”
Using so-called “Terry frisks” (named after the Supreme Court case of Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1), police can carry out certain limited searches, without any warrant or probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed, under the guise of checking for weapons. By simply asserting that someone might have a weapon, police can disregard and circumvent the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches.

U.S. courts have gone back and forth in deciding how often, and in what circumstances, tactics like those mentioned above are acceptable. And of course, police continually go far beyond anything the courts have declared to be “legal” anyway. But aside from nitpicking legal technicalities, both coerced confessions and unreasonable searches are still unconstitutional, and therefore “illegal,” regardless of the rationale or excuses used to try to justify them. Yet, all too often, cops show that to them, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments—and any other restrictions on their power—are simply technical inconveniences for them to try to get around. In other words, they will break the law whenever they can get away with it if it serves their own agenda and power, and they will ironically insist that they need to do that in order to catch “law-breakers” (the kind who don’t wear badges).

Of course, if the above tactics fail, police can simply bully people into confessing—falsely or truthfully—and/or carry out unconstitutional searches, knowing that the likelihood of cops having to face any punishment for doing so is extremely low. Usually all that happens, even when a search was unquestionably and obviously illegal, or when a confession was clearly coerced, is that any evidence obtained from the illegal search or forced confession is excluded from being allowed at trial. Of course, if there is no trial—either because the person plea-bargains or because there was no evidence and no crime—the “exclusionary rule” creates no deterrent at all. The police can, and do, routinely break the law and violate individual rights, knowing that there will be no adverse repercussions for them having done so.

Likewise, the police can lie under oath, plant evidence, falsely charge people with “resisting arrest” or “assaulting an officer,” and commit other blatantly illegal acts, knowing full well that their fellow gang members—officers, prosecutors and judges—will almost never hold them accountable for their crimes. Even much of the general public still presumes innocence when it comes to cops accused of wrong-doing, while presuming guilt when the cops accuse someone else of wrong-doing. But this is gradually changing, as the amount of video evidence showing the true nature of the “Street Gang in Blue” becomes too much even for many police-apologists to ignore.


One of the biggest realizations with dealing with cops for me was the fact that they CAN lie, they are 100% legally entitled to lie, and they WILL whether you’re a victim of crime, accused of committing a crime or anything else

Everyone needs to reblog this, it could save a life.


Seriously if you ever find yourself in custody don’t say shit until you’ve got some counsel with you. No cop is your friend in that situation.

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I used to be really into demonizing anyone who used the wrong language or said anything remotely problematic. I thought it was helpful. Not only was I wrong but in doing so I prevented people from learning and growing (myself included!). Kirby knows what’s up.

Great point. 

If you want justice, keep your focus on the mission and off your ego. Are you here to make a difference or to feel better at the expense of others?

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like. one is censored and the other is not. c’mon now.

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You know….like Nya?

goooodnight yall

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Momo Con Prints <3






gifted student™ brains are about as functional as horses when you get right down to it 

which sounds like a shit post but consider: horses? hypothetically MADE for running. look at this magnificent muscle beasts. look at those legs. they must be so good at running, right? wrong. horses are fragile as fuck. horses break their gotdamn legs so so easily, and if they break their legs you just have to fucking shoot them. if they run, the thing they are MADE FOR, too fast their lungs will start bleeding. I just googled horses to see if I was missing anything and apparently if they lie down for a day their organs start collapsing or something so they can’t rest from their One Horse Purpose even when they’re hurt. they’re made to do one thing but they can only do it under Very Specific Conditions and if a single thing changes they just die.

 which, you know. gifted students™ get applauded for being naturally smart when we’re five or whatever and then develop a terrible inflated sense of self that makes us highly averse to anything we’re not naturally good at, because it challenges our fragile childbrain egos and if we wait too long we’ll develop mental fences around entire subjects and skillsets (mine are math and studying) because we think we’re Bad at them, when in reality we just need to practice but are frustrated by that because it’s harder than being ~naturally talented~ was. we get applauded for doing One Thing but the second we run into slightly different things that our brains don’t comprehend as readily? it’s a Bad Time. I still have so much anxiety over things I don’t feel Naturally Talented at that I’ve been sitting here writing this post for like 10 minutes rather than read the feedback on my religion paper. I got a 100% on it, but I’m still That Scared of anything other than straight heaps of praise because that’s what my childbrain was acclimated to. just send me to the glue factory already. 

I…..I needed to hear this

that’s intriguing because this is not a particularly happy or uplifting post but I hope that whatever you got out of it was positive and that it could be a good thing for you

Sometimes it’s incredibly freeing to hear that other people are familiar with a feeling. No falsely spun cheery “positivity” needed.




Higher math being a requirement to graduate high school is fucking insane and has pretty much no parallel in any other subject. Science, history, english, ect. all focus on giving you general knowledge on a wide variety of topics, but no, you’d better be able to do this advanced calculus formula that’s useful in only one (1) specific situation if you want that diploma. It would be like if 1/5th of your graduation exam depended on you being able to recite detailed facts about the biology of New World frogs entirely from memory. 

This is the reason I have no college education, literally the only reason. I tried, and tried, and tried and tried to get math down and I couldn’t cut it. I put myself in a bunch of debt and wasted a bunch of my life fighting to pass the math requirements for even a basic Associates degree, and it’s highly likely I have dyscalc, but to this day I haven’t been able to figure out an avenue to get that formally diagnosed. Doctors and therapists I’ve actually talked to about it just have no idea how to help it seems.

I have no research to back me up because I haven’t looked it up but…

I couldn’t reliably do math until I hit 24.  That was the VERY FIRST TIME I actually did well in a math class.  Basic college algebra.  I would not be surprised if the brain just… wasn’t developed to do math until later in life.  

The US school systems LOVE to force things on us looong before our brains are ready.  A number of kids in kindergarten are simply NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH to learn to read, but it’s forced on them, for example, so they grow up HATING tor ead. 

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When you learn a new word and then suddenly start seeing it everywhere you go, it’s called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (aka frequency illusion). It happens because your brain is good at seeing patterns, confirming its own biases, and obsessing over interesting information. You’re also learning new words all the time, but you don’t always encounter them again right away– so when you do, your brain continues to accept it as a meaningful pattern even though it’s just a random coincidence. Source Source 2 Source 3

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