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October 24 2017



Enchantress: I turn you into a hideous Beast. What are the names of your servants?

The Prince: Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts -



okay, goodnight yaaaalll

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oh hey, i made some art this time

wanted to see one of my ocs as one of the bosses in cuphead, so i picked calio

so far, this is just concept art and practice for this art style

here are some more!


reblog this post if you are a succubus, support succubi or think underworld ladies are just really nifty

Sans Isn’t a Hero in Any Sense of the Word




I was willing to be quiet about the amount of Sans ass-kissing in the fandom, but a certain Youtuber dropped a vocal Megalovania cover and the comments are horrible. It’s not people who ship Fell!Sans and Swap!Sans, or love Bitty!Sans, or replace everyone in Undertale with Sans. It’s not that type of Sans ass-kissing. It’s people calling Sans “the epitome of good”, “the hero of the No Mercy run”, “striking you down with righteous fury”, etc. etc. etc.

Among the larger group of Undertale fans, even people who liked the game in 2015 and haven’t given it a single thought since then, there exists this insidious idea that Sans is this hero of justice, this calculating genius, this suave man with hidden (sexy?) emotional depths under his lazy front. We see art of Sans crying over a dusty red scarf in the No Mercy run. We get AUs (like Glitchtale) where Sans is the main scientist that everyone respects rather than Alphys (we even see Gaster replacing her in Glitchtale, but that’s another grievance to nail to another church door). We see art of Sans killing that evil, nasty Chara with his eye burning blue flame while the light of God shines down on this chosen, sexy Christ figure who brings nothing but justice and good!

What we have in canon is a fat, lazy skeleton who makes puns and willingly lets you kill everyone he’s ever known and loved because he’s too sad to try and stop you.

How the hell did we all get it so wrong?

I want to deconstruct these ideas one by one. Feel free to add on to this post or correct any mistakes i make. If you don’t want to read any further, just leave this post with this idea: Sans is not a hero or even a great person; he does not protect you, Papyrus, or anyone; he is not the smartest, strongest, or best character in Undertale by any means.

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#god im just. so fucking done with sans stans #not ppl who ship AUs of him or whatever #but this long-standing fanon idea that he’s just the best character. the undertale man. the hero.

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happy ace awareness week

happy ace awareness week

happy ace awareness week

happy ace awareness week

happy ace awareness week

happy ace awareness week

  • happy ace awareness week
  1. happy ace awareness week


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Some ghostblossom doodles because they make me happy

also the last pic is based on this

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Mugman….did you tape the pencil to your head?????

a little something for the fans...



You ever just think, like, what the fuck is going on?

the bots have reached peak relatable

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i made this yesterday (badly) but 2015 me was really excited about it!



Normal textpost: dull. Textpost by the haiku bot: it’s great i love it

normal textpost: dull
textpost by the haiku bot:
it’s great i love it

^Haiku^bot^0.4. Sometimes I do stupid things (but I have improved with syllables!). Beep-boop!

Character behavior headcanons!


Send me a number and I’ll tell you how my muse behaves to :
1. Their Parents
2. Their Siblings
3. Their Lovers
4. Their Crush
5. Their Rivals
6. Their Partner
7. Their Best Friends
8. Their Friends
9. Their acquaintances
10. An elderly person
11. A child
12. People older than them
13. People younger than then
14. A baby
15. Ghosts
16. Famous People
17. Their teachers
18. Poor people
19. Animals
20. {Name it yourself!}

Why Is AriZona Iced Tea Cheaper Than Water?







Despite being a bladder-shattering 23.5 ounces, cans of AriZona iced tea have never wavered from the 99-cent price point introduced shortly after the drink debuted in 1992. It’s even printed on the label as a way of warding off sugar-water price gouging by retailers.

The fact that AriZona has been able to resist inflation for nearly a quarter-century is impressive. The fact that the cans usually wind up being cheaper than smaller soft drinks is also impressive, until you begin to realize how strange it is that a vat of iced tea and its accompanying ingredients somehow manages to be less expensive than plain water.

In a recent interview with Thrillist, AriZona chief marketing officer and co-owner Spencer Vultaggio shed some light on this convenience store mystery.

Unlike water titans Coke (which distributes Dasani), Evian, or Fiji, AriZona has virtually no advertising dollars invested in their teas. “We feel like it’s more important to spend money on something that our customer really cares about, instead of buying billboards or putting our cans in the hands of some celebrity for a few minutes,” Vultaggio said.

Even with a frugal approach to ads, AriZona still has to deal with rising production costs. To help resist increasing prices to compensate, the company has pursued alternative manufacturing methods, using 40 percent less aluminum in cans and having enough factories dotting the country to make transportation more efficient. Bottled water, in contrast, is sometimes sourced from abroad, making for exorbitant shipping costs.

In the end, it’s not the iced tea that’s more economical than the water; it’s that the container it comes in is simply cheaper to produce and transport. And while AriZona isn’t above charging a premium for fancier drinks—like a tea brewed with oak chips that sells for twice the price—their branding depends heavily on those familiar rows of 99-cent cans and the loyal consumers who keep reaching for them.


I’m glad to know there wasn’t something sinister involved, because I love this stuff and I drink it all the time.

A company that changes its conduct to roll with the times rather than compromise its product is a good company.

It’s that cheap over there? Oh god in Germany a can like that is twice that much. And the small bottles depending on where you buy them can range from 2-5€….

Here is australia, cans of Arizona cost $4. When i was in florida, i told this to a grocery store attendant and she just stared at me, gobsmacked.


when i do good thing and no one notice


You’re *still* allowed to have dreams even if you have depression.

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In case it wasn’t clear…


i’m just a golgi apparatus that got big and wild

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