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July 16 2017

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This Is What Non-Binary Looks Like

The hashtag #ThisIsWhatNonBinaryLooksLike has caused an avalanche of photos of non-binary people expressing their identity, showing their faces, celebrating their beauty and normalizing their lives. I <3 you all!

I’m so proud of emmy and how far their creation has spread <3

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being an entertainer can be pretty stressful

anon requested Zee in the anxiety palette from the color palette challenge

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mega darkrai is looking great

darkrai with mettaton legs based off a quick edit i did last year (below)

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as a follow up to my mettaton-legged darkrai shitpost, i decided to just flat out fuse the two together

more leg than any game can possibly handle

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Cute Squishy toys

OO1   ❤❤   OO2    ❤❤   OO3

OO4   ❤❤   OO5    ❤❤   OO6


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Am I the only one distressed that he included toothbrushes on this list?

i didn’t reblog this before, but this got better.

so ppl know

I’m so relieved that he wasn’t serious and I’m sure his dentist is too

dude I’ve seen this post a thousand times and I NEVER saw the last bit and I am so shook.

I legitimately thought he was serious before now as well

In our defence, would it really be a shock if somewhere out there are men who seriously believe stuff like “Lol toothpaste is FOR GIRLS”




We all know what erectile dysfunction is but literally no one is ever taught what vaginismus is and it can cause people to feel extremely lost, broken, and cause people to take their own lives.

Raise. Awareness.

For the uninformed, vaginismus is when the vagina painfully tightens and spasms when faced with pressure, usually from anything trying to insert into the vagina. It’s the reason I can’t wear tampons, and why many people can’t have vaginal sex without severe pain.

There’s not a lot of treatments, and there isn’t a single one that is for vaginismus exclusively - they’re all medications or treatments to treat symptoms, but not the causes. In fact, for a long time doctors waved off vaginismus as a purely psychological disorder in cis women.

Seriously, this is so unaddressed and uncared for in medical circles. Please spread awareness, even if all it’s for is to let those who have it but don’t have a name for it finally be able to understand what’s happening to their bodies.

Okay, so this has 75,000 notes and it bothers me that even a fraction of those people might have vaginismus are reblogging a post that says there’s basically no treatments. There are treatments. 

For a start, you can find a psychologist/sexologist who can do you up a treatment program and get you through it. Or you can sign up to an internet programme or buy a book/kit. Or if you want to save some money or keep this private, you can give this a go:

First, you’ll need to buy dilators. If you’re wondering what they are, they’re like un-fun dildos with handles. This will cost you some money, probably about $50 depending on what you get. I’d recommend getting this set because they have a good range of sizes and are a well-designed shape, although shop around because different products have different starting sizes and stepping points, so if you need something that starts smaller you might find something if you look hard enough. 

Second, you need to use them gradually over a period of months until you can accommodate the size you want without issue. Obviously, start with the smallest one, and use it for at least a couple of times until you move onto the next size up. 

To use it, you basically insert it into your vagina, try to clamp around it a few times, and then take it out and try again the next day. This can be easier said than done, of course, but there are ways to make it easier. First of all, try using it when aroused - you’ll be a lot looser and your spasms shouldn’t be as bad. Also, natural lubricant works better than manufactured stuff, although for the love of good please use bottle lube if you need it. 

You don’t need to move it around or thrust with it like you might a didlo - in fact, people with vaginismus can find this uncomfortable. What you should do, however, is clench around it. If you’re particularly anxious the first time, or find it especially painful or uncomfortable, you can skip this step the first time you use it - and congratulate yourself, because that’s a big step. Even better, and something that will speed up the process considerably, is if you can orgasm around it. This will allow your vaginal muscles to clench naturally. If you can’t do this, don’t worry about it, but make sure you try to clench your muscles around it several times before removal. 

When you can do that without pain and with no or minimum discomfort, you can move to the next size up. Most dilators are good for the first few increases, although it’ll still feel very large to you. If you’re anxious or uncomfortable, go slow, try to relax, and if possible, do it in the middle of masturbating. It really is the easiest way to do it. Don’t move on until you’re comfortable with the one you’re using, and use the smaller size directly before moving onto the larger one. Even on the third and fourth time you use a bigger size, you might still need to “warm up” with a smaller one. That’s okay; I still have to use a dilator before sex. The important thing is to be comfortable about it. 

It takes a while, but it can be so worth it, and you might be surprised how fast you can progress. And remember to go at your own pace, especially if you hit a roadblock, and that there’s nothing wrong with you. There are ways to deal with vaginismus. Don’t give up.

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Coloring of the “less popular” bunch hoho



I was getting pretty fed up with links and generators with very general and overused weapons and superpowers and what have you for characters so:

Here is a page for premodern weapons, broken down into a ton of subcategories, with the weapon’s region of origin. 

Here is a page of medieval weapons.

Here is a page of just about every conceived superpower.

Here is a page for legendary creatures and their regions of origin.

Here are some gemstones.

Here is a bunch of Greek legends, including monsters, gods, nymphs, heroes, and so on. 

Here is a website with a ton of (legally attained, don’t worry) information about the black market.

Here is a website with information about forensic science and cases of death. Discretion advised. 

Here is every religion in the world. 

Here is every language in the world.

Here are methods of torture. Discretion advised.

Here are descriptions of the various methods used for the death penalty. Discretion advised.

Here are poisonous plants.

Here are plants in general.

Feel free to add more to this!

An exceedingly useful list of lists for writers.

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Keanu Thieves (via mushroombirdornaments)

I love this man

he’s so happy

Keanu haven’t looked this happy and alive in years

plural Keanu

I swear I’m happy for him

The floor is bi and ace people having solidarity & each other’s backs

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Just in case

I’m actually going to reblog a thing just because this is really important.

As someone who has epilepsy and used to have several grand mal seizures a day, I’d also like to add that “offer help” can range anywhere from keeping the person calm to explaining to them where they are and what they were doing to even just telling them they should sit and rest for a while longer (lack or coordination is common, and it can be hard to walk straight or see clearly).

It’s okay for them to take up to a half hour to fully regain their bearings and sort out what they were doing prior to the seizure. Just answer any questions calmly and be there for support.

If they come around and you start to panic or shake them or ask them what the heck is wrong with them they are going to freak out and panic too.

I cannot stress it enough that this is bad.

If someone has a seizure and they come out of it, please. please stay calm.
They are likely disoriented and confused, even if it’s only for a minute or two, and you don’t want them panicking on top of that because they can have another seizure as a result.


IMPORTANT because last year a kid in my class had a seizure, none of us even knew he was at risk for them either so just cause you don’t think you know anyone doesn’t mean you don’t 

stay safe

I have to stress how important it is to time a seizure. If it lasts more than a few minutes, call an ambulance.

DO NOT CALL THE POLICE. I’m dead fucking serious. I had a grand mal in public once and the POLICE were called and imagine coming out of the seizure, feeling like you got smacked in the head with a sack full of bricks, confused, dazed, in desperate need of some sugar to boost low blood pressure and some DIPSHIT has called the police and I was being threatened with being ‘drunk and disorderly’. It took a phone call to my doctors office to get them to back off. The police cannot properly deal with sick people

Offer help can be:

  • assuring person where they are/what time it is
  • getting them something to drink if they can; seizure burns so much energy and does cause a blood pressure drop
  • getting them safely to transport or a carer
  • getting them some dignity like a blanket/towel [loosing control of your bladder and bowels is fucking horrifying]
  • ensuring they have a way to get home. Someone who has just had a seizure should NEVER DRIVE straight after
  • calling emergency services if you notice any of these symptoms because they may have stroked out.

Why you shouldn’t put anything in someone’s mouth: they will choke. Yes, they may bite their tongue but I can assure you it’s less traumatic than cracking your jaw on someone’s greasy wallet or choking on a spoon.

DO NOT HOLD ANYONE DOWN. Example: someone pinned my right shoulder mid-seizure a few years back and how I have a permanently displaced and clicking shoulder. Let the person flail around, those muscles are out of control and restraining them does cause more damage to the patient and you.

I recently got trained with First Aid and Red Cross now makes it so you know how to help with seizures too, and the first thing you do when you’re trained is say “hi. My name is (name) and I am able to help, is that all right?”
Do not leave the persons side until further help is received in the clear.

My brother is epileptic and this is IMPORTANT. Please give this a read!!

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I’m not like emo nihilist I’m more like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy nihilist like “life is meaningless and the universe does not care about you and it’s full of casual and callous destruction might as well have a party while I still can then”

Like the two forms of nihilism are “nothing matters so why?” and “nothing matters so why not?” and the latter is so much fun

July 15 2017





happy independence day let’s impeach the president 

The only 4th of july post i care about

I can top it: yesterday, NPR made a series of tweets that Trump supporters called “propaganda” and “trash words” to insult Trump and push NPR’s agenda.

NPR was tweeting the Declaration of Independence.

And that, folks, describes about 75% of Trump’s voter base.

Some exammples of the Trump followers vs NPR thing



me, starting a new game: i’m gonna be evil this time

me, 5 minutes into said game: Being Mean Is Not Nice

July 14 2017

mobile tumblr, why is the navbar down

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my one contribution to this fandom is a half assed meme

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They probably fell asleep watching football or something

@glowbat‘s humanoid designs for the probes are so cute!

i love this so much you did a great job! <3

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Some 17776 wallpapers ft my favorite juice quote, like/rb if you use

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