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October 14 2017

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yes hello i am here to learn geometries

That crow is more prepared than some of my students.

You’ve all just like, completely skipped over the possibility that this crow has seen people using pens in this room, found one, and is trying to return it. There’s been videos of crows picking up sweet wrappers and stuff and placing them in bins after seeing humans put their litter in bins. I really do believe that this crow is trying to return the pen and that is ADORABLE AS HELL. 


Crows are thought to be self aware by some scientists. Its perfectly possible the crow wants to return the pen to humans. Knowing it belongs to humans.

Corvids. Who KNOWS. :)

Another cool crow deal: Once, when trying to assess if crows could reason and use tools, scientists had two crows who didn’t know each other each take a wire from a table (one was hooked, one was straight) and try to grab meat from a bottle with it. The crows could see each other, though they had separate bottles. Only the straight wire worked for this, so they hypothesized that if crows could reason, the second trial would have the two crows fighting over the straight wire. The second trial started and, to the surprise of the scientists, the two crows both went for the bent wire, one held it down and the other unbent it. They both got meat out of their bottles. They came to a peaceful solution without verbal communication. Crows are probably smarter than we are.

they still shit all over the place and eat garbage

ok but so do we

Could a crow find my ruler and give it back to me?

Honestly this bird is more willing to learn than me

there’s a crow that lives out by a corn farm near me and it tries to trade with the farmers. it will fly down with some kind of nut or berry or leaf and drop it down in front of you, and then sit there and wait for a coin or some other shiny thing. crows literally have the concept of trading and they know that humans usually carry coins and like to receive cool nature shit. what the fuck

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Who the fuck looked at this panel and went “yea lets print that”

He looks so fuckjng stupid it ruins the moment

why does my hair smell like onions whenever i cook curry

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Art life

This was me for a decent chunk of my artistic career.

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This is the face of a man who knows he just made a bunch of edgy assholes angry and is really satisfied with it  




The computer said my next patient’s name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic. Not that an unusual name for a pet, I have to admit.

“Come on in. Do you have Lucifer hiding in that box for me?” I say. A gentleman dressed all in black with a rather spiky aesthetic and a selection of piercings comes into my consult room and opens the box.

He places a perfectly black rabbit on the table.

Honestly, I had been expecting a cat.

Turns out Lucifer is his new rabbit. He’d insisted on taking it from a friend who wasn’t taking care of it a few months ago.

Lucifer, for his part, had decided the table was too scary and that his dad’s leather clad armpit was the best place to be.

To my surprise and delight, our new goth rabbit owner is doing everything right. Perfect diet, read up on rabbit health, vaccinating, enrichment, the works.

He even started a vegetable garden to grow treats for the rabbit, or as he put it, “tributes for lucifer.”

I….. I love this …..

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ok here we go here she is it’s Maya I’m gonna stop neglecting her now since she has an important part in the story and I can use her to make Heartbleed uncomfortable

Unfortunately I don’t think she can make him uncomfortable in canon since she and Vernis live in France





when you spell restaurant right on the first try

imagine être anglophone et se féliciter d'accomplissements médiocres

Did I just get burned in French


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Say what you want about Guy Fieri, but he has a golden heart



watching all of trump’s cronies turning on each other would be hilarious if they weren’t supposed to be running the country right now. It’s kind of like overhearing a ridiculous slap fight in the cockpit of the airplane you’re in mid-flight

I would post about the latest thing but instead I’m just gonna reblog this every time


If Satan punishes bad people, does that make him good?



i literally had no idea what color “strawberry blonde” was but i looked it up and i dont know what i expected

You know what will really mess you up?

just wondering, has anyone done a convolutional neural network on detecting if an image is porn or not


Eloise is fuckin Pissed

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It’s October in the year of the Rooster. It’s Cocktober





Must be nice to be a man and feel absolutely zero guilt or concern while you sit on your arse in front of the tv as your wife frantically runs herself into the ground with the never ending grind of holiday cooking/cleaning/gifting/wrapping/decorating/tidying/arranging/crafts/familial politics

it always bewilders and offends me that at family gatherings all of the women are up cleaning, cooking, clearing the table after dinner, bringing snacks out, etc., and all of the men are just relaxing and sitting around. I’m also up cleaning, clearing peoples’ plates, etc., because I’m expected to do that as a female, while my male cousins get to sit around and chill. Even the male relatives that I like just sit around and chat and don’t seem to notice that my sister and I are constantly being called into the kitchen and they’re not.

so anyway yeah if you’re a male you should seriously try to pay attention to who’s doing all the work and who’s allowed to sit and chill (probably you) and maybe like, get up and insist on helping…

I’m sure a LOT of women (if not most) can relate to the experience of loving the holidays as a child only to be unceremoniously snatched up into the kitchen one year, after someone deemed you old enough to join the women.

I was si excited, once again, to go to my grandparents’ for Thanksgiving; my brothers and I knew everything we would do: watch the parades on TV (as usual), play board games or play outside (as usual), get cleaned up five minutes before sitting down to be served dinner (as usual), then excuse ourselves after the pie and go watch the animated tv specials until it was time to get in the car and fall asleep on the way home (all as usual).

I will NEVER forget the painful shock of being taken by the shoulders that day and steered into the kitchen, where I spent the holiday prepping the meal and serving the meal and cleaning up after the meal, while my brothers had no change in their holiday schedule.

I was 11 years old.

Don’t forget to show the children what it takes to put on a meal (and who’s doing it).

and this is true not just for holidays but also any time guests come over. i have observed far too many men offer food/drinks to their guests, even insist when they refuse without realising that its the women who will have to actually make it.

and often, the women are the last to sit and eat. So when you are being hospitable and insisting that your fellow male guests take one more serving, you may not realise that there won’t be enough for the women.

And i think a lot of the times this is subconscious. So please from now on, be more aware… and make and effort to stop this ‘tradition’

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Ok here he is I made a version of Vernis that I can use for oc stuff
Boi I love this guy


date a robot who listens to edm music

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Precious bean

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